Thursday, June 30, 2016

What do you use for toy stuffing?

I’ve written about how to stuff your new soft Toy, but now is time to talk about the most important of all: what do you use for toy stuffing?
SwallowPatterns is Stuffing

So, I like to use Polyester Fiberfill (PolyFill) Toy stuffing (ex. here: Baby bunny). It is now the most used toy stuffing and its easy to work with, its great!
Extremely light weight, it’s washable, holds it’s shape and is hypo-allergenic. It’s also very cheap and available in almost every craft store on the planet. :)

Polyester Fiberfill
PolyFill, Polyester Fiberfill
You can also use more natural stuffing, like:
* Wool- It is natural but this toy stuffing material cannot be machine washed or dried in heat
Wool stuffing

* Corn Fibre toy Fill. It is extremely soft whilst maintaining its shape and resilience. Corn fibre can be used for both soft and firm fills. The more you stuff, the firmer the feel. The fibre also holds a very low flammability rating. Naturally hypoallergenic & Anti-bacterial. Hand Wash - Line Dry
This is best for children’s toys because it is light weight, hypoallergenic and washable. You can get corn fibre fill from Inner Green 
Corn Fibre stuffing
* Bamboo Toy stuffing- it's very silky and soft. Most people that have used it, love it. Bamboo stuffing has the density and feel of cotton, and the hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties of bamboo. 
Bambo Stuffing
There is cheap alternative like old pillows, but these have to be clean!! Please wash the pillow before cutting it open if you want the stuffing clean.

So, in the end,  feel free to experiment, and let me know if there’s one I haven’t thought of!

Friday, June 17, 2016

New SUMMER pants from OTTOBRE

Summer is here in Tallinn, and new pants from new OTTOBRE too :) This pattern was so lovely!

You can have your new OTTOBRE Summer 2016 HERE from Etsy or your local shop.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2in1- Sewing and cutting table

I cannot explain to you how happy and excited I am to finally share this with ya'll. I have a new sewing table, 180x110x75cm!
I've been sewing off and on for years, but it only really became a weekly thing with me after my little Georg were born.

The new sewing Table woodworking project is ordered from AIKON (
My sewing machine and cutting mat is so comfortable to use now.
I’m glad that I’ve got such a great place to work and that I can show it off to you! What are you doing to get ready for summer? Let me know in the comments!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spring is such a beautiful time of year for sewing. Everything is so colorful and a bit on the relaxed side. So dust off your sewing machine!

I’m a big fan of easy sewing projects, so most of my patterns will be perfect for beginners.

Happy spring time!!

3 FREE Spring Sewing Tutorials

Pin Cushion Thread Catcher

Use your prettiest floral fabrics and you’re all set for spring sewing!  Colors, colors…love it! 

With love,