Hi! I'm Monika, the designer and seamstress. I write sewing projects, post tutorials and sewing tips, and share what it's like behind the scenes. 

When I'm not sewing, I enjoy time with my family. I’ve been writing tutorials since 4 years ago. I often wonder why I began to love sewing so much in the first place. Huh! Anyway, I invest a lot of time and love into making stuffed toys. For me, it’s about making things with my hands. There’s something magical about being able to make a garment from a flat piece of fabric.

I imagine that everyone out there has their own personal reason for beginning to sew, and continuing to do so.
So tell me, is sewing in your blood too? I would love to hear about what inspired you to begin sewing, and why you continue to do so today!

With love,
Monika ;)