Friday, May 6, 2016


 10 reasons to sew

Hi! So people ask me- why spend your precious time and money creating something you can buy at the mall for a few bucks? Absolutely right, today we can purchase toys for pennies, almost literally. Here are my personal top ten reasons why to Love sewing and not purchase mass Produced Toys:

1. Sewing softies is fun- start today! 
For most of us, sewing reminds us of afternoons with Mum or Grandma- traditions. But sewing does more than allow us to make some cool stuff- it is something that has brought joy into my life.

2. Sewing soft toys connects you to others.
Granted!  In the past six years I have met so many talented, inspiring, intelligent people through sewing, not to mention through blogging about sewing! Also some of my friends started sewing soft toys with me, and we have now a lot to talk about sewing too.

3. Sewing stimulates the mind. 
There is so much to learn when you start to sew: To read pattern, to understand fabrics, how to use a sewing machine (my little 3 years old Georg loves it!).
Just take a flat picture-pattern and turn it into a softie! Use felt, fur or fleece, handstitch or use sewing mashine, use bottoms for eyes or handstitch them.  Freestyle!

5. You can sew Your soft toy any size. decreasing or enlarging the PDF pattern.

4. Sewing can save you money.
You have saved real money by making something yourself. And if you were to cut up a fleece blanket or a pair of worn out pajamas that you already had and make lovies from that you would save even more.
6. Sewing reduces stress.
Being able to sit down and just concentrate on one thing such as sewing forces you to slow down and breathe. No worries about anything else that the ordinary person stresses about everyday. Even if it is only for half an hour, it’s a great way to forget everything else for a brief moment and relieve the stress of everyday life (The Amerikan Institute of Stress)

7. Allergies, Safe baby products
Buttons, batteries, yarn, ribbons, eyes, beads, and plastic parts that could easily be chewed or snapped off. Make your own and You can be sure a stuffed animal's tail is securely sewn on and the seams of the body are reinforced.

8.  It will always come in handy
Whether you find yourself needing to replace a button or repair a rip , all you
need is a good pair of scissors, a strong spool of thread and a trusty machine to become your
own hero.

9. Never compromise on your toy colour or style- make exactly what you want.

10. You can become famous for your creations and for saving the planet at the same time! 

Happy sewing!!!


Nordic Linen Home said...

11.) And children loves much more these toys what mama has made :)

SWALLOWPatterns said...

Thank you :)