Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bunny Babe pattern for bunnylovers //

I like to introduce you my friend Babe. I love making bunnies and each bunny has it’s own story. 
Bunny Babe sewing pattern
Stuffed Bunny sewing pattern
Up to this moment I’ve added 4 new bunnies to my Stuffed bunnies collectionBUT I have plans to add many more items into my collection in the near future.
So, the new bunny patterns I added to my Etsy shop is Babe bunny sewing pattern. It is step by step pattern with easy to follow instructions.  I’ve made it so you feel like you sit in one of my workshops and I’m telling you exactly how to make each step.

More soft toy patterns are in work here, I have so many trials at my desk, my notebook is full of ideas and my hands are very busy creating new stuffies. 

The plan is also to write down the baby cat pattern next (Marta´s little babygirl), hope to have it on my Etsy shop during the next month. I know you’ll love her.
With love, Monika

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