Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tips for stuffing

 Tips for stuffing
Tips for stuffing
You would think that stuffing a plush toy would be the easiest part, but if you rush and push the toy stuffing in as quickly as you can, you will create lumps.

Everyone wants their toys to be soft, but if there’s too much stuffing in the toy it can get quite hard.

So, take time for stuffing and will create beautifully finished toys.

  1. Stuff your plush toy gently. Carefully and gently move small pieces of stuffing inside the soft toy. Get a small handful of stuffing, hold it lightly and if necessary pull the fibers apart with your fingers before you put it into the toy.
  2. Use a good stuffing material. I like polyester toy fill. Its light weight, cheap and easy to work with. Make sure you use the right quantity of filling material, as using too much will stretch the fabric creating a misshaped project and you’ll see the stuffing through the stitches. Read more from my blog post about what do you use for toy stuffing!
  3. Don’t overstuff you soft toy.  If you overstuff, the fur fabric will stretch too far and you finally you have one big ball Toy. But using too little will make the toy too floppy. So, take time to stuff.
  4. Take time and take it slow. Do it slowly, using small amounts of stuffing. If you try to rush you will create a lump and you will have to pull it out and start over. 
  5. Insert little stuffing at a time. 
  6. Stuffing instruments. Knitting needle, Paintbrush handle, Turning tool, Hemostats- anything with a blunt point. I love Chinese chopsticks and my own fingers :)

 Stuffedanimal Elephant pattern
Stuffedanimal Elephant sewing pattern
So, let me know what do you use for stuffing- FiberFill and your own fingers like me? ;)

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